Wedding Tips to Help Save

With the warmer months approaching, wedding planning will soon be on everyone’s brain.It’s no secret that the rising costs of a dream wedding can quickly turn into a nightmare! But with some helpful tips and some forward planning from Claudia Warner,Executive Vice President of Gourmet Advisory Services, NewYork’s premier event planning and party coordination consultancy it need not be!

1.Choose an off-peak wedding season to get married like Jan-Feb-March. 

Pro-Tip:You will generally have much better negotiating power during these months. The con is that weather becomes a real potential factor, and that is obviously not controllable. So, if a couple has a lot of out of towners who will be traveling to the wedding, they run a real risk that those people may not make it there.The additional negative to that is if those guests are stranded for example, and their cancelling is very last minute, the couple will have already accounted for them being there, and hence, paid for them.

2.Choose an alternative day of the week to a Saturday night.

Pro-Tip:Because Saturday night weddings are generally the most coveted, choosing aThursday night or Friday night or Sunday can often be less expensive. The cons are several here: On Thursday nights and Friday nights, getting to a wedding straight from work is often challenging. There is less time to get ready and guests are traveling at rush hour to get to the ceremony so keep that in mind.

3.Choose to get married in the morning/afternoon instead of an evening. 

Pro-Tip:This move allows a venue to also book another event in the evening, rendering them able to give a couple the most preferred dollars. The con is that a couple may not get the night time/party environment they are hoping for.

The talented team of party planners at Gourmet Advisory Services bring passion, teamwork, elegance, and efficiency to every event guaranteeing all the bride and groom have to do is have the time of their lives. To learn more about them head to their website here,

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