Vince Camuto: Newest Additions

VinceCamuto is famous for top-notch products, displaying a unique signature. Thebrand features handbags, shoes, clothing, accessories and fragrances.Last week, the newest additions were launched and they answered everyone’sexpectations. Thus, the event was a big success. Here is a quick overview ofwhat was presented.

VinceCamuto Terra Eau De Toilette – This fragrance has a citrusy top note, while itsheart note features geranium and creamy sandalwood, as well as green rhubarb.Rich, earthy woods, tonka and vanilla top the masculine mix off. The scent isvery original and well-balanced. It is a perfect fit for all men, who acquire ataste for a classic, but innovative product. The packaging picks up theingredients’ earthy colors. Silver main points add a flair of luxury.

CiaoVince Camuto Eau De Parfum – This creation combines a fresh scent of berriesand a fabulous variety of flowers. Mandarin and Pink Grapefruit are grounded byWild Strawberry and Blackberry. Rose, Peony, soft Muguet, Italian Honeysuckle,Pink Jasmine and Passionflower form the heart note. The fragrance is topped offby Amber, Cashmeran, Amaro Liquor, Sandalwood and Indonesian Patchouli.Confident women, who know what they want, will love Vince Camuto’s latestaddition., as it is alluring and romantic. Its packaged in pink shades andgolden features, evoking a luxurious image.

Eventough, these fragrances were central, one must not forget about the otherofferings. Handbags and shoes are part of what’s the brand famous for. VinceCamuto manages to design gorgeous pieces, always keeping the audience in mind.Nothing is too exaggerated, but perfectly matches men’s and women’sdesires.

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