Verragio Launches ‘Make It Yours’ Engagement Ring Campai

Barry Verragio is the leading engagement ring designer, who pursues is profession for the past 25 years. He pays utmost attention to detail and quality. Each ring is handcrafted using century-old techniques combined with today’s cutting-edge technology.

His new campaign ‘Make It Yours’ in partnership with newly wedded style expert Louise Rose offers customized engagement rings. Thereby, they respect each individual’s personality and style preferences. Future husbands and wives can customize top to bottom, inside out.

Verragio is the first and only designer that personalizes each component of the engagement ring. His customers are able to choose styles from his signature collections Courture, Insignia, Parisian and Venetian. Also, he offers one of-a-kind detailing options like French beading and Venetian lace.

As there are so many options to choose from, it might be hard to make a decision. However, these six steps will help you to find the perfect piece:

1. Taste over “tradition.” Get her involved.Long gone are the days where the man is blindly shopping for an engagement ring, hoping his future bride loves it. She is supposed to wear this forever, so know what she likes.

2. Create something that is unique to her.She doesn’t want the same solitaire or halo style that all of her girlfriends already have. Verragio’s customization features allow you to personalize the ring from the inside out. Rose Gold? White Gold? Yellow Gold? A combination of all 3? Not a problem.

3. Not sure what her “style” is?Ask her friends, ask her family, take notes of her style. Is she a classic type that prefers a refined look, or does she prefer a more edgy look?

4. Give yourself timeAll Verragio rings are made to order according to your preference of metal, finger size and center stone. For a look that is truly unique to you, allow about 6 weeks to create the dream ring.

5. Shop SmartVerragio carefully chooses retail establishments to represent the Verragio brand name and quality, and purchasing from an authorized dealer will provide you with the reassurance of authenticity and quality.

6. Have fun with it!With all the stress of everyone asking you when you are going to finally get married, and then the joy of figuring out who to invite and seating charts to follow, the engagement ring shopping process should be FUN! This may be one of the most important purchases you have made, so just breathe and enjoy!

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