Top 10 Things to Do With Friends Besides Talking About Trump

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  • Plan a group getaway to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and/or Yemen.
  • Place your Executive Order in advance to avoid the holiday rush.
  • Start a book club.  First on the reading list… Mein Kopf.
  • Make a trip to the White House to take the historic tour.  (Whenever it is that they resume offering them).
  • Organize a little get together with upwards of 1,000 or so of your pals and pick a topic at random. Women’s rights, LGBT rights, taxes, healthcare.  Gather at your local park, street corner, etc.and bring along a few signs with catchy slogans just for fun.
  • Take a road trip to North Dakota and watch them build a pipeline.
  • Thinking of a career change? Go online and apply with a few of your pals for a federal job (make sure to wait until the freeze on hiring has ended).
  • Visit any and all private schools in your area and see if they have any openings for your children.  No real reason behind this just on the off chance the public school system should come under the “care” of a billionaire with little or no experience.
  • Gather your women friends and visit Planned Parenthood.   Best to do it sooner rather than later should they no longer have the funding to remain open.
  • Have an SNL viewing party.

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