The Chosen Few’s Private Luncheon At The Rainbow Room NYC

The Rainbow Room has one of the most breath taking views of the “city of dreams” at 65 floors up of the Comcast Building at the Rockefeller Plaza. This venue is the second highest restaurant in New York City and has been used to shoot scenes for numerous of films and TV shows in pop culture. This stunning room has also been home to luxury events for celebrities, politicians, and mulit-million dollar companies. Tall glass windows provide a beautiful 360 view of the New York City skyline with a revolving round dance floor.This is why elite event planner Harriette Rose Katz, President & Founder of the Gourmet Advisory Services and The Chosen Few, regularly uses this location for her own events. Recently Harriette hosted an intimate post-holiday luncheon to honor The Chosen Few members at the famed Rainbow Room on Wednesday, March 1st. The Chosen Few is an exclusive club that makes up the New York City’s elite society of event professionals. The luncheon featured music by Chosen Few member Total Entertainment. Chosen Few member Frank Alexander, provided décor and florals for the tables, creating a impressive presentation to complement the Rainbow Room‘s classic beauty and the striking views of New York City.Before guests took their seats, they enjoyed champagne and hors d’oeuvres while having their fortunes and auras read.Once seated, Katz took the floor to welcome everyone and thank her beloved Chosen Few members for joining her that afternoon. Katz stated, “We are here to celebrate true excellence in the events industry, my Chosen Few.” She continued, “These event professionals are part of my extended family and this community represents the best of the best… and when the best of the best come together, nothing can stop them.” After the applause died down, Katz thanked her Gourmet Advisory Service team for all their hard work and everyone sat for a delicious four-course menu curated by Katz. The menu’s entrée, the Rainbow Room’s famous Chicken Pot Pie, was the star of the meal offering up what Katz exclaimed was the best in New York City. The luncheon finished with a decadent display of desserts and coffee, as Chosen Few members discussed current and upcoming projects.The Chosen Few currently boasts 16 members who were chosen exclusively by Katz and her team. The Chosen Few is made up of Abigail Kirsch, Alpine Creative Group, Brian Dorsey Studios, CxRA, DeJuan Stroud, Diana Gould LTD., Element Music, Fancy That, Frank Alexander, Frost Productions, Fusion Productions, Hank Lane Music, Hart Pictures, Michael Jurick Photography, Michael Scott Events, Natural Expressions, Stamford Tent, Stonekelly Events and Total Entertainment.

The Chosen Few is dedicated to promoting excellence, cultivating artistry and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism within the special events industry. For more information, please visit The Chosen Few at or Gourmet Advisory Services at

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