By Simona Catalano

“It is a fact that people who have pets live a happier and healthier life.” Says Dr. Katy Nelson, veterinarian at the Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre. To celebrate ‘Take your dog to work day’ this year Fresh Pets teamed up with ASPCA and Animal Haven to help shelter dogs find loving homes. Fresh Pet is first and only maker of fresh and all natural real food for pets in the U.S. Because why can’t our pups eat as good as we do? A lot of us are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and that means putting foods into our bodies that nourish it and make us feel good. Fresh pet takes this same approach to our little furry friends- both dogs and cats.

From zucchini noodles and meatballs to real chicken and turkey bacon, their food can be refrigerated for up to seven days once opened. It shouldn’t be served after that because like real food… it goes bad!! Now, our pups can enjoy their food and feel good just like us. Dr. Katy highlighted some tips for those of us who have pups and want to bring them to work, but aren’t sure how to or if our work is truly a pet friendly place. For starters, she says you must know your pet. Think about how they might react. Know their personality; will they thrive in this environment? Or will stress them out? Are they likely to get along with the other dogs and ultimately will it make them happy?

   Everyone works best on a routine. So before we head into work we need to make sure we have Dr. Katy’s checklist ticked off to avoid any hiccups along the way. “Feed them before they go, you don’t want them to be the rude dog that’s eating everyone’s food”. Grooming is a must, make sure those teeth are brushed and their ears are cleaned, and bring your own bowls and treats for the day.

Imagine how much better everyone’s day would be if we had these little guys around. We are all so connected all the time; between texts, emails and calls it can be difficult to detach from work, but it would make a huge difference even if they were just sitting on your lap while working. The benefits are pretty great. Studies show that dogs actually increase endorphins in people and decrease heart rate and blood pressure; bringing our stress levels down. “ If you have a pet take it to work – experts agree that pet-friendly workplaces make happier employees, Dr. Katy”.

The event was a success in more ways that one. But most importantly for the pup that was adopted, who found a new loving family. To honor and help shelter pets anyone who adopts a pet from ASPCA or Animal Haven from now until July 31, 2017 will receive a free supply of Fresh Pet to help get them off on the healthiest start.

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