Sundance Film Festival 2017


In only two days the Sundance Film Festival 2017 will draw the curtain. More than 130 films and short films will take the audience into the land of marvellous romances, devious intrigues and dreadful horror. However, it might be hard to keep track of everything that is going to presented. So, here are three works you should not miss.


The Discovery – Since the beginning of time, humanity mulls over the enigma of the afterlife. In his latest work, Charlie McDowell takes up that issue and combines it with complex characters and a top-notch cast. The father and physicist Doctor Thomas Harber is able to prove that the afterlife actually exists. However, that discovery is accompanied by grave consequences, which leads to the involvement of his son Will and the beautiful, but mysterious Isla.


Call Me By Your Name – This coming-of-age drama, which is directed by Luca Guadagnino, is a splendid creation. It is an adaption from the novel by André Aciman and features the love story of Elio Perman, a 17-year-old American-Italian boy and Oliver, a 24-year-old American scholar. Fateful encounters and bittersweet decisions will change the lives of the two men. Forever.


Landline – After the big success of Obvious Child,  it is no wonder that Gillian Robespierre is the creator of yet another great piece of Art. Different from her previous work, though, which had a comedic tone, the new project is a highly emotional drama. The plot revolves around the Jacobs family. The two sisters Dana and Ali are determined to reveal their father’s affair, while keeping it a secret from their mother. While doing that, they need to deal with their own lives and struggles.


As you can see, it is definitely worth going to the Sundance Film Festival. Even if the films stated above do not appeal to you, there is so much more to see. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. Grande relato. Deu para entender bem quem era o Alex. O paralelo com o Vitoria foi otimo. Nem um nem outro sabiam que a oportunidade deles era uma so’. Estavam na hora certa, no lugar certo, mas nao sabiam. Sao coisas que acontecem com muitos de nos. Nem por isso Vitoria e Alex merecem menos respeito, bem pelo contrario.

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