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Pity the poor male – once he emerges from his man cave he is still expected to look good, smell good, and have great interpersonal skills. It’s already confusing enough just trying to get by in modern society with so many cable sports channels, and so little time to watch them all. And then there are the incredibly high demands on his energy – snow to shovel, lawns to mow, and damsels in distress to save from towers in far-off lands.



Does he really have the time and the wherewithal to look his very best in the bright light of day? Making the decision to go from alarming to Prince Charming is not an easy one for any guy, so he might need a little help along the way. With so many products that simply don’t work, what’s our poor hero to do?  The world of men’s personal care has come a long way since the days when simply slapping on a little Old Spice and whistling a sailing tune would be enough to make the ladies swoon.


Nowadays, there is a plethora of grooming options that might make even the manliest man blush – they can exfoliate, manscape, moisturize, and mani/pedi their way into becoming a sleek metrosexual, or they can find a line of skincare products that was made just for their particular grooming needs. Fortunately, Mënaji Skincare has developed effective and affordable premium men’s lifestyle products that take all the guesswork out of daily skincare routines.


Mënaji has made it quick and easy to take better care of manly skin.  Before heading out in the morning to fight the daily dragons, the company recommends that knights in shining armor ditch the bar soap and use a gentle, irritant-free water-soluble cleanser on their faces. Next, they should shave with an electric razor or use their irritant-free Clear Shave 3-in-1 Formula for a close, smooth cut.


After that, use a cotton pad or clean fingers to apply Mënaji’s gentle, fragrance-free Power Hydrator Aftershave. It’s loaded with antioxidants, anti-irritants, botanicals and skin-repairing ingredients. If it was a late night, the eyes are feeling a little puffy, or the allergies are acting up, rub about a half -dime sized dab of 911 Eye Gel around the eye socket area in a circular motion and pat dry. Don’t go on any adventure without applying Lip Agent SPF15 to create a protective layer against the harsh outdoor elements. Before retiring for a hard-earned night’s rest, wash again and apply an AHA or BHA exfoliant to the face and neck.


Mënaji Skincare is the brainchild of Michele Probst, a professional makeup artist with a celebrity clientele that includes the likes of Kid Rock, Aaron Neville, Barack Obama, Neil Young, Chris Matthews, Enrique Iglesias, Jay Leno, Tim McGraw, and Tom Brokaw. If she can make these Hollywood heroes look great, just think what she can do for the real men out there!


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