Perfectly Sculpted Brows with The Eyebrow Doctor

Eyebrows are all the rage and we will continue to see more emphasis on this feature which not only frame your face but can truly make you look and feel years younger while adding lift and refinement to your overall appearance. That’s where microblading guru Piret Aava, aka The Eyebrow Doctor, comes in. Piret, who has established herself as one of New York’s premier eyebrow specialists, and has earned her reputation for good reason.


As an accomplished Makeup Artist, Certified Esthetician and Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist, Piret has a true artist’s eye, and when combined with her skills and experience, has enabled her to create flawless faces for red carpet appearances and TV, while also refining the faces of everyday women across America, even working with patients undergoing hair loss from chemotherapy. From beauty insiders like Olivia Palermo, to celebrities like Cynthia Nixon, and even Serena Williams, Piret has sculpted their brows to perfection with her aesthetic vision as a makeup artist, fused with her precise approach to shaping brows.



Her technique is very precise and requires accurate and deliberate strokes. Unlike a regular tattoo, microblading is drawn on with a manual handheld pen-like tool with a disposable micro blade attached. Piret uses thin strokes which implant pigment under the skin to mimic actual eyebrow hairs and delivers very natural results and is customized based on your desires and eyebrow shape and color. Microblading is also known as eyebrow embroidery, feathering or 3-D eyebrows and requires touch ups but can last up to two years. The day after your session, brows will appear darker than normal and you must keep them dry and apply provided ointments, however after one week, the color fades and your brows will be on their way to perfection.


For those intimidated by something semi-permanent, Piret also offers brow shaping and tinting. This March, her studio will also be offering Eyelash tinting and  Lash-enhancement tattoo, also known as invisible eyeliner for the possibility of having gorgeous big eyes to match your new brows. Regardless of your selected service, Piret will leave you looking your best.

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