Oliver Scholars To Host Annual Student Recognition Ceremony

—World-Renowned Leadership Expert Simon Sinek to Offer Students Advice —  

Oliver Scholars, a nonprofit organization preparing high-achieving Black andLatino students for success, today announced it will hold its annual studentRecognition Ceremony on Tuesday, August 15th at 6 pm at The GreatHall at Cooper Union.

“We are consistently inspired by our students’accomplishments. Across their time in the program, we watch them grow frombright, curious learners into engaged thinkers eager to find ways to give backto their communities through their leadership and service,” said David Allyn,CEO of Oliver Scholars. “Our Recognition Ceremony celebrates that growth, andour confidence that they are on a path toward long-lasting success.”

The keynote speaker at the event is renowned author SimonSinek. Simon Sinek is internationally recognized for his TED Talkpresentations, as well as his books, including bestseller’s Start With Why:How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action and Leaders Eat Last:Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t. Sinek is an unshakable optimist and travels the world inspiring top leaders and organizations worldwide and hopes to inspire Oliver Scholars students to be great leaders and achieve their dreams.

“Leadership isn’t something you are born with, it is alearned skill like any other.  All greatleaders from John F. Kennedy to Steve Jobs didn’t start out that way. They allhad the courage and drive to become the great leaders they were,” said Sinek.“Each and every student at Oliver Scholars has the power to be the leader theywant to be, and they can start today by doing simple acts such as taking careof those around you.  I am excited tosupport this wonderful organization and to help inspire our future generationof leaders.”

Oliver Scholars prepares high-achieving Black and Latinostudents for success at the nation’s best independent schools and colleges.Oliver offers one-on-one support, after-school and summer coursework, andpre-career training to cultivate the brightest students to be the top of theirclass. Oliver also helps students to secure robust financial aid at independentschools and during the college acceptance process.

The annual celebration is designed to applaud the program’srising 9th graders and graduating seniors. This year, Oliverwelcomed the inaugural class for its new 4th Grade Entry Program.These 4th graders ultimately will be placed into independent schoolsbeginning with 6th grade.

Oliver Scholars’rising 9th grade class has been placed in the country’s topindependent high schools. 100 percent of the senior class graduated and willattend college this fall, with 85 percent matriculating into one of U.S.News and Word Report’s Top 50 colleges and many attending Ivy League institutions.

For more information about Oliver Scholars, please visit the newly designed website at www.oliverscholars.org

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