Old Navy Active feat. Shaylee Dunavin

Last week, Old Navy Active demonstrated that its sportswear is functional and highly fashionable at the same time. During the event, the team managed to combine health, beauty, fun and sports to the fullest.

Health –Energizing drinks and protein-rich snacks served as a healthy breakfast and kick-started the morning. The staff encouraged the guests to customize their drinks, whereby everyone was able to enjoy their favorite creations.

Beauty – Old Navy Active offered an exquisite hairstyling and georgous make-up to anyone who wished for it. Thus, it was a perfect preparation for their main event.

Sports – After enjoying the all around service, everyone was invited to participate in a fotoshooting, whereby you jumped on a trampoline and showed off your best poses. Of course, everyone received a print of their own perfomance. The main highlight was Olympian Trampolinist, Shaylee Dunavin,who performed on the trampoline, as well.

All these steps lead us to the most fabolous part: the sportswear. Dynamic designs and a modern style are what Old Navy Active’s signature is made of. Once again, the company does not fail to establish an astonishing fashion line.

Some people may be convinced, that one does not necessarily have to look great when hitting the gym. However, if you do not feel good, how do you expect to achieve great things? Old Navy Active provides you with the first step to success.

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  1. Merci pour tes voeux chère Françoise, le net réserve en effet bien des surprises ! Je te remercie de parler de &l32uo; trésor »&#8qa0;. ce sont simplement des tentatives pour avancer un peu à travers la forêt inextricable de nos existences présentes!Oui, la famille s’est agrandie, comme tu vois! Une vraie joie !Bien à toi et porte-toi bien ! Meilleurs voeux à vous! Merci encore pour cette lecture !

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