Great Gift Idea for Men

Gifting for men can be so hard. You want to get them something useful, but also something they will enjoy. While clothing is an easy present let’s face it, you can only give socks or underwear so many times. If you’re looking for a new gift idea, turn your thoughts to the world of accessories. Ties, scarves and pocket squares are a great present and will solve the gift-giving conundrum. It’ll also keep the men in your life looking fashionable and classy.

While men’s accessories can feel confined and pretentious, there is a new brand on the market that wants to avoid all that. X of Pentacles (pronounced ‘Ten of Pentacles’) is a luxury menswear brand featuring a variety of unique ties, scarves, and pocket squares. Creator Marcel Ames founded the brand in 2016 and strives to create a product that embodies craftsmanship, respects tradition and serves as a tool to supplement your own unique personality.

Marcel didn’t always plan on being a designer. Originally enrolled in the police academy, he was looking forward to a life of serving his community until he suffered a concussion during his training. During recovery he returned to the love of fashion he had when he was younger, teaching himself how to sew and taking basic graphic design classes. The name of his brand comes from a last minute tarot card reader that said “pay attention to the ten of pentacles card, as it will mean something to you.” This moment spawned the creation of the critically acclaimed fashion brand X of Pentacles.

Marcel has launched his third collection, just in time for the holiday season. The line draws inspiration from Greek Mythology, Art Deco and Indigenous Art. The variety in design gives many different patterns to choose from when looking for a gift. Also each collection and pattern is made in limited quantities so your man is getting a piece that is highly collectible and will make him stand out. Below are a few of his creations and their inspiration that are perfect for gift giving.

Minotaur’s Labyrinth Pocket Square

A playful sartorial take on the classic Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. Featuring classic Greek ornament, olive branches, and the symbolic Minotaur in the labyrinth.

Downtown Dusk Pocket Square

Inspired by Art Deco & the picturesque view of the James River Bridge, crossing into Richmond, VA.

Rotunda Scarf

An ode to Old Virginia. Featuring the infamous Rotunda to truly embody the Wahoowa spirit and set “The Lawn” ablaze.

Aussie Bush Print Scarf

The Aussie Bush Print is representative of symbolic paintings native to the indigenous Aborigine people of Australia. Aborigine artwork reflects a vibrancy, natural beauty, and connectedness to the elements.

Each item is designed in Richmond, Virginia, and hand crafted by English and Italian mills. The aesthetic is centered around lightweight fabrics, playful color palettes, and distinctive prints. X of Pentacles is available for purchase online at

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