By Tash Bazika

Elegance, grace and style are the perfect words to describe Furla’s new collection of Handbags and accessories. Inspired by a trip to Venice, this new collection is everything and anything. Floral patterns are perfectly incorporated with each other, as some styles include different floral in different colours. They contrast so well together; that it could be possible to say this match is more perfect than black and white. The arrays of bold, bright colours ranging from luscious reds, to boastful pinks are just a few of the gorgeous colours in this sublime collection.


Photo by: Natasha Bazika


Photo by: Natasha Bazika


This year, Furla decided to bring back the animal patterns and we are certainly not complaining. Cute little owls, bright quirky toucans and pretty birds are among the many animals that can be spotted on the delightful handbags, shoes and accessories. A personal favourite are the silky ribbons, which feature one of those adorable little animals. These pair perfectly with any bag, and add a little character to the block coloured bags. In addition, the silky ribbons are wrapped around one handle of the bag, which adds texture and style to the already exquisite bags.


Photo by: Natasha Bazika


Photo by: Natasha Bazika


A specific combination that got my heart racing was this gorgeous cream coloured tote, which had an elegant silky scarf tied to the handle. The patterned scarf gives depth to the bag, while also adding a little flare. The wallet, which sat in front of the bag and the items protruding from the top of the tote complement each other so well, and the dark red purse, tied in the subtle reds in the scarf and other items to bring it to a complete set.


Photo by: Natasha Bazika


This new collection has our hearts racing and is guaranteed to get yours pumping too. Perfect for the beautiful summer weather, the colours and styles of Furla’s handbags are guaranteed to make you the envy of the streets as you strut your stuff with a unique piece of elegance and style.


Photo by: Natasha Bazika

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