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The 28th edition of Art Miami has officially opened! The world-renowned art fair previewed yesterday for VIPs and opened to the public today, Dec 6th. Over the past few years people have flocked to ArtMiami, and it’s sister fairs, CONTEXT Art Miami and AQUA Art Miami. The fairs attract more than 85,000 new and established collectors, curators, museum professionals, members of the press and art world luminaries annually and for good reason. Art Miami has artwork and instillations from more than 140 international galleries in over 22 countries representing over 60 cities. This year’s fair will showcase an array of iconic and exemplary work, dynamic projects and special installations. Also debuting this year is the brand new 250,000 square foot concrete foundation on Biscayne Bay that has become the home of Art Miami and CONTEXT Art Miami. Here are a few pieces across the fairs to look out for.

While there will be thousands of works featured across Art Miami, one piece that should be on your viewing list is Love is the Answer, a piece memorializing the late Amy Winehouse created by pop artist Deborah Azzopardi. Presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, this limited edition silk-screen print was created at the request of Mitch and Janis Winehouse as a tribute to their daughter. Deborah has merged the icon of Amy Winehouse into one of her most iconic images, Sshh. She comments on the image saying, “Sometimes we need to rest, pause, and just breathe – eyes closed – take time out. A moment of silence but continuously sharing the love thought…

If you travel over to the AQUA Art Miami fair, you’ll find another new artist to be on the look out for. Maryam Alakbarli, a French painter with Down’s syndrome, will be exhibiting her work at the BP Project Gallery booth from the 6th to the 10th.Maryam has quickly become a favorite among those who collect art such as John Travolta, Juliette Binoche and Gerard Depardieu. As a person with Down’sSyndrome, she “perceives the outer world in an unusual way.” Maryam invites the viewers to see the world through her eyes using her artwork.

Heading over to CONTEXT Art Miami will give you more great pieces to look through and interact with. Mileece, a sound artist that works with the modern evolution of plant biofeedback creates immersive installations, sonic design and composition, as well as interactive sculptures. Her piece being presented is called TreeHugger and represents the complex, yet fluid sounds of nature that we can hear and that are hidden to us. The nature soundscape is layers of binaural recording including sounds from insects, amphibians, rain and wind from places all over the world.

These artists are just three of many amazing artists being presented during art week.Tickets for all three fairs are still available so head to their website for those and more information.

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