By Simona Catalano

Hell’s Kitchen is a fast growing neighborhood. With all the new developments and change taking place artist Miguel Ovalle was asked to collaborate on an art project for Silver Towers. The building rooftop over looks the Hudson River on one end, while the city’s beautiful skyscrapers stand tall on the other. Complimentary food and drinks along came with a chance to meet the artists debuting their project and professional mixologist Rob Floyd.

The fire like sculpture projected images of the area, which was held together by freestanding braces, similar to building blocks. The idea behind it was to represent the DNA of this neighborhood. The project was a collaboration. It began with Elliot who instantly thought of Miguel when he began. They had worked together before and Elliot says he knew Miguel needed to be a part of this to create something dope for the event. Miguel brought on a videographer to do film the area. Automatically while videotaping the streets she thought what am I going to film it’s all construction; there is so many buildings going up. The area is going through a huge transition so it was almost organic that the idea emerged: Hell’s Kitchen Rising. The art is symbolic of this development. It is combining the history of the area, with the now and future.

So how does mixology fit in? Much like the art Rob Floyd created and presented his own art last night. Mixing flavors and spices to create signature cocktails that nobody could put down. The feature drinks: Hell’s Kitchen margarita with citrus cola and the 42nd Street Moscow Mule with ginger cola. The creative process for Floyd is very much dependent on not limiting yourself to any specific thing and always being open minded when it comes to creating beverages.

Having learned from many great teachers like Jose Andres he was able to take certain philosophies and apply them to creating drinks. He says, “each drink should tell a story, it should be fun and dynamic and easy enough that you can replicate it at home.” Let’s be honest we all wish we could recreate that one amazing cocktail we had that was just everything we needed and made us feel like we were in paradise. Floyd very much wants to be able to deliver this to you; creating something that is accessible is a priority for him. He tests his drinks over 200 times and makes sure that women are included in the testing because “naturally they have a much better palette then men; we don’t know why but their flavor profile is better,” he said. He is currently motivated by Asian and Chinese influences. The foundation around what he does is based upon a simple philosophy, which is “don’t be afraid to suck because when you hit it, it’s incredible.” Being an artist whether it is drinks, food or paintings this is a foundation everyone can be motivated by.

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